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  • Sweetheart Wills (February 2015)
    Are you married? Have you considered creating an estate plan to provide for your spouse if something untoward happened to you? Perhaps it is time for you and your beloved to make matching "sweetheart wills" to legally reflect your intentions.
  • The Will To Plan (January 2015)
    Why doesn’t everyone have their final affairs in order, especially in light of the likelihood of incapacity and the certainty of death? Research shows that the chief culprit is simple procrastination. Read on for tips on how to stop procrastination now.
  • The Charitable Remainder Trust: A Great Way to Donate (December 2014)
    Given the choice, most taxpayers would rather give to their own charities than pay taxes. With an IRS authorized Charitable Remainder Trust you can do just that ... and enjoy the lifetime benefit of an enhanced income stream.
  • Estate Planning Pitfalls (November 2014)
    Pitfalls, like potholes, are more easily avoided if you know where they are. So it is with estate planning pitfalls. In our lead article, we point out some common pitfalls to avoid while you still can.
  • Dementia and How to Handle It in Your Estate Planning (October 2014)
    Dementia is a dreaded disease that robs its victim of his or her mental capacity. However, ongoing personal, health care and financial decisions must continue to be made, whether minor or major. So, by whom will those fundamental decisions be made?
  • What Happens When a Loved One Dies? (September 2014)
    Fail to plan and you plan to fail. So it is with organization and estate administration. Our lead article offers some timely tips to help avoid leaving behind a big mess when you pass.
  • Chances Are ... (August 2014)
    Most people only think of “death” when they think of estate planning. While that is true, it is not the full story. Planning in case of “disability” is essential to protect yourself and those you love.
  • Adult Care Givers Need to Take Care of Themselves, Too (July 2014)
    Caregiving is a labor of love between adult children and their elderly parents. Nevertheless, the experience is not without its physical and emotional challenges for both the adult caregiver and the parent. Enter respite care.
  • Hey Dads: Are You Über Planners? (June 2014)
    Father’s Day is a favorite holiday, especially for “dads.” Being a dad has many privileges and responsibilities. Our lead article reminds dad of fundamental estate planning responsibilities needing attention during the other 364 days this year.
  • Estate Planning Risks for Veterans (May 2014)
    Think Veterans Benefits are a piece of cake? Think again. While the government has many programs and benefits to assist veterans, learning about them and then successfully receiving them requires lots of information and documentation.
  • An Introduction to Long-Term Care Planning (April 2014)
    Recent research has found that more than 70% of seniors over the age of 65 will need long-term care services and support at some stage of their lifetimes. What are your plans to pay for your care, if needed?
  • Taming Transfer Taxes (March 2014)
    "That time of the year" can be frightening or dreaded. While income taxes are on the top of every taxpayer's mind this time of year, our front page article discusses the benefits of reviewing your estate plan for lifetime gifting and inheritance planning opportunities.

Wealth Transfer Planning...and related issues
By Rodney A. Halstead (previously published in The Country Lanes Magazine)

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Omaha Estate Planning Attorneys Stephen Schmidt and Rodney Halstead serving clients throughout Nebraska and Iowa as well as the surrounding cities of Fremont, Millard, Gretna, Elkhorn, LaVista (La Vista), Bellevue, Papillion and Ralston. Please feel free to contact the office if you or a family member is in need legal assistance with Nebraska Probate and Estates, Nebraska Estate Planning and Asset Protection, Nebraska Elder Law, Nebraska Trust Planning, Nebraska Tax Planning, Nebraska Medicaid Planning, Nebraska Wealth Transfer Planning, Nebraska Business Succession and Planning or Nebraska Fiduciary Services. Stephen Schmidt is also licensed in Iowa.

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